Lab Members

Wen Wen, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate

Wen is a Postdoctoral Associate, and her major research interest is aging and memory. Wen received her BS from Beijing Normal University and PhD from Peking University. Her PhD focused on the neural mechanisms of attentional control, especially how humans ignore distractors based on attentional templates in working memory and long-term memory. Her work also involved how high-level factors, such as learning and expectation, modulate the inhibition process.

Shrey Grover, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate
Shrey is a Postdoctoral Associate studying the cognitive and physiological processes underpinning human memory function, and their decline with healthy aging and age-related pathologies. He received his PhD in Psychology from Boston University where he studied modulation of brain rhythms for improving cognitive function and neuropsychiatric symptoms, particularly obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Prior to his graduate studies, he was a research assistant in cognitive neuroscience at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India. Outside of the lab, Shrey enjoys reading about languages, writing systems, and the law.
Chris Gill
PhD Student, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Chris received a BA in mathematics and psychology from the University of Southern New Hampshire. Before graduate school, Chris spent several years working in research labs studying visual perception, memory, and consciousness. In the Reinhart Lab, Chris is interested in studying the neural mechanisms supporting visual working memory and semantic memory. He is also interested in developing procedures for causally manipulating working memory capacity using noninvasive brain stimulation.

Frederik Baumgardt
PhD Student, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Frederik is a PhD student in the Brain, Behavior & Cognition program at the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. Before joining Boston University, he received a Master’s in Mathematical Medicine and Biology from the University of Nottingham, UK and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Leipzig, Germany. His research interests focus on representational formats in visual working memory and EEG decoding analyses. Outside of the lab, Frederik enjoys beekeeping, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with family.

Debra (Han) Huang
PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering

Debra received her BS and MSE from Johns Hopkins University, where she completed a master’s thesis on motor learning post-stroke. In the Reinhart lab, Debra is interested in dissecting visual working and long-term memory via behavioral and computational approaches. Outside of the lab, Debra serves on the board of GWISE at BU, a student organization focused on development of graduate students, DEI advocacy programs and volunteering.

Leo Chenyang Lin
PhD Student, Psychological & Brain Sciences
Leo obtained his BS in neuroscience with a minor in Asian Linguistics at UCLA, where he conducted research on cross-modal perception and affective responses to sensory stimuli. Prior to his graduate studies, Leo served as a Full-time Associate at Yale School of Medicine, where he investigated neural mechanisms underlying the cognitive impairments in early-course schizophrenia, using neuroimaging and computational methods. During his graduate studies, Leo is keen to explore the integration of causal neuroscience tools with neuroimaging techniques and computational modeling to address fundamental questions in human consciousness, perception, and cognition, with the aim of using these insights to develop scalable theories and enhance clinical solutions for neuropsychiatric conditions, such as schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease. Outside of the lab, Leo enjoys singing, playing badminton, skiing, working out, and binge-watching K-dramas.
Aaron Uotila
Research Assistant

Aaron is an undergraduate student at Boston University interested in pursuing a career in Psychiatry. Aaron has a passion towards healthcare and is looking to attend medical school after his undergraduate studies. In the lab, Aaron hopes to pursue his interests in mental illness and uncovering more about the mystery of memory. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys playing sports like basketball and soccer, and working out. He also has interests in art history.

Feiyang Cao
MA Student, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Feiyang is a Master’s student in the Psychological and Brain Sciences program. He graduated from UCSD with a BS in Clinical Psychology, intending to pursue a career in Clinical Neuropsychology. Feiyang’s research interests include diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, relating neuronal degeneration with cognitive decline, as well as exploring the intervention at the phase of mild cognitive impairment. In his free time, Feiyang enjoys reading, working out, and cooking.

Doug Hazel
MA Student, Tufts University

Douglas is a graduate student studying Neurobiology at Tufts University. As a longtime resident of Boston, he attended Boston University as an undergraduate student, where he obtained a degree in Neuroscience. For his master’s thesis, Douglas is working towards understanding the interactions between Alzheimer’s Disease pathologies and glucocorticoid inhibitors. Outside of the lab, Douglas enjoys reading, rock climbing and sampling great foods around the city.

Seth Schallies
Research Assistant

Seth is an undergraduate senior at Boston University studying Psychology and Neuroscience. He is interested in valuation, probabilistic learning, and executive control and hopes to better understand decision making in both humans and other animals. He is a research assistant at the Pepperberg Avian Cognition Lab, volunteers at the Reinhart Lab, and has previously volunteered in the Decision & Cognition Lab. In his spare time, he enjoys birdwatching, running, and cooking.

Ana Braun
Research Assistant

Ana is an undergraduate student at Boston University, with an interest in the field of neuropsychology with a strong focus on the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Outside of her academic pursuits, Ana enjoys travel, reading, and unleashing her creativity through writing.

Bao Jiaxuan
Research Assistant

Bao earned his BA in Neuroscience from Boston University. During his undergraduate career, Bao discovered his interest in cognitive neuroscience research, with a particular focus on memory formation and the role of memory in decision-making and selfhood. Beyond his academic pursuits, Bao enjoys working out, reading, and exploring the city or nature with friends.


Phillip (Xin) Cheng

Research Fellow, 

2021-2023 (Research Specialist II, Sabine Kastner’s Lab, Neuroscience Institute, Princeton University)

Justine Fragetta

MA Student, 

2021-2023 (PhD Program, Nathan Rose’s Lab, Department of Psychology, University of Notre Dame)

Shruthi Sankaranarayanan

MS Student, 

2021-2023 (PhD Program, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Boston University)

Serife Leman Runyun

Visiting PhD Student, 

2021-2022 (PhD Program, Karen Quigley’s Lab, Department of Psychology, Northeastern University)

Senthil Palanivelu

Data Analyst I, 

2020-2021 (Research Associate, Paola Malerba’s Lab, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio)

Hayato Nakamura

Student Research Assistant, 

2019-2020 (MS Program, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University)

Chenlingxi (Lyncie) Xu

MS Student, 

2019-2021 (PhD Program, Nathan Rose’s Lab, Department of Psychology, University of Notre Dame)

Amanat Bansal

Honors Student & Research Assistant, 

2019-2020 (Founder and Director of Research & Development at CoDee)

Sanjeev Rampam

Student Research Assistant, 

2019-2021 (MD Program, Boston University Medical School)

Luke Pool

MS Student, 

2019-2020 (PhD Program, Brandon L. Alderman’s Lab, Kinesiology & Applied Physiology, Rutgers University)